Google AdWords Certification Exam

Studying for the exams

Google AdWords Certification Exam

It is very important that you study properly before taking any of the exams. These exams are not a walk-through so please ensure you prepare adequately. I have found the following resources be a great help in studying for the exams.

AdWords Certification Learning Center

This is a great resource and most the information you will need can be found here. It is broken down into four sections one for each exam. You can also print off the entire study guide so you can study offline. There are some test questions on some of the study material but please note that these questions are very easy and not a good representation of the actual questions in the exam.

AdWords Help Forum

Another great resource is the AdWords help forum. The forums are full of Google AdWords users asking a range of questions covering all topics related to Google AdWords. The forum has a lot of good contributors some of which are actual Google employees. It is a good idea to go through the various topics and questions from which you can learn a lot.

Two other really good forums (which are not connected to Google) are;

Webmaster World and Digital Point


Here you can buy practice questions for each of the four AdWords exams. You can also download a free trial version for each practice exam.

Google AdWords account

The best way to learn is by practice. If you have access to a Google AdWords account make sure you use it! Practice everything you learn and familiarize yourself with where everything is located. For example know where to go if you need to create a report, pause a campaign, add keywords to a group, check the quality score of a keyword and use the keyword tool. You will be asked about these in the exam.

Taking the exam

To start you need to create an account on the Google Certification Program site. From there you can study for your exams, edit your profile, track your progress and join a company if you so wish. When you are ready to do your test you can purchase the tests from the Google start test website. Each test costs $50 and if you fail you will have to pay again. Please note you will need your candidate ID to register for exams. Your candidate ID can be found from your profile on the Google Certification Program website. A “testing center browser” is used when you are doing the exams. This means you will not be able to access any other browsers or applications when you are doing your exams. Also you will not be able to pause the test once it begins so make sure you are well rested and have used the bathroom before beginning the exam.

Exam Tips

Read the questions at least twice Take your time and don’t rush Think about the questions before you answer If you don’t know the answer mark it and move on then return to the question when you have time Google really cares about its users so sometimes it helps to think like a Google user when answering some of the questions!

The only effective way to make it big in the field of information technology is by getting the right certification that can help you obtain a more promising career in the industry. This is a great ticket that you can get to assure to have a more meaningful career in the industry.

Google Adwords-Fundamental Test is one of the newest certification today. Yes, you heard it right, even Google is willing to provide the best certification that is very effective and useful for professionals who wish to have a more promising career in the industry.

Google Adwords-Fundamentals Exam is an excellent certification that is designed for professionals who wish to become more proficient in this field. Google Adwords-fundamental is an amazing Adwords-Fundamentals Certification intended for professionals who wish to prove their expertise in Google Adwords. To achieve the certification, the candidate should be able to pass the Adwords-fundamentals exam.

Benefits of Adwords-fundamentals Certification Exam

When the candidate passes the Adwords-Fundamentals Certification Test, it offers them the best opportunity to make it in the industry. The best benefit of this credential is to offer the candidate the great chance to become as a well-reputable professional. This certification is very effective for those who wish to embark a more lucrative and successful career in the industry. This is a top certification for professionals who intend to develop abilities and skills excellently.

How to Get the Adwords-fundamentals Certification

To achieve the certification, the candidate needs to possess the best tools and materials imperative for this credential. This is the best key that can help you become as one of the dependable professionals of today.

The candidate who is willing to get the credential should be able to prepare and study for the test we recommend them Cert4Prep for prepare his exam. It is not easy to prepare for such certification because the questions in the exam are mostly hard and tricky, so if you want to acquire the certification, it would be best if you can get the best possible materials and tools.

Google advises every candidate to obtain several materials that can be a great tool to help them succeed in this Adwords-Fundamentals Exam. The candidate can use varied materials from practice exam, pdf, brain dumps to books. Passing the exam will offer you a magnificent opportunity to stand out in the industry.

There are also several trainings, seminars and conferences wherein you can attend in order to make it big in Google. Keep in mind that the competition in this industry is very common, if you will not acquire any certification, it will not surely help you succeed.

Google Adwords-Fundamental Sample Test is the basic certification that will able to test your expertise and knowledge in this solution. This is an ideal certification that is very useful and effective to any professional.

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