How to Sell Facebook Ads To Clients

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1. Get super clear about what your prospect’s burning issues are…

How to Sell Facebook Ads To Clients 1

Who are your prospects? Male, female, married, single, location? Why do they want what you have? What is the reason that will make them buy from you now, rather than later? What do they really, really want? It may be more than one thing… write it all down.

2. The Giveaway

Once you’ve identified your customers and their pain/desire points, pick a burning issues and create a free giveaway that will help or serve them in some way. Some examples of useful giveaways might be:

  • a mini report
  • a checklist
  • an online webinar for sometime in the future so you do not have to get it done immediately
  • an audio recording on a compelling topic that you upload to SoundCloud — you can email them the link when they’ve signed up
  • a video you upload to YouTube which you can then send them the link when they register…
  • a Facebook group with training material available only to members…

3. Build A Mailing List

Use a reliable auto-res-ponder to collect emails addresses from your prospects. Set up a landing page on your website with a sign up form on it from. Or simply use a service like net to create a landing page (No website required). This landing page is the first place you send everyone when they engage with you so that you start to build a contact list.

4. The ‘Thank You’ Page

Set up a ‘thank you’ webpage that shows them a product you want them to buy or an invitation to have a consultation with you. Click HERE to get a done for you sales funnel sequence

5. Redirect

Now, make sure that the moment they sign up on your landing page, they are redirected to the chosen ‘thank you’ page! YOU WILL START TO MAKE SALES if you have chosen an item that is compelling based on the burning issue your free giveaway is talking about and also, make it cheap enough not to be over thought about. And for coaches — You will get consultations if the write up on your thank you page is compelling to your audience.

6. Set Up The Advert

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and set up a ‘clicks to website’ advert promoting the free giveaway — ‘Are you struggling to ____________ (Burning issue)? Register here for my FREE _______________ (giveaway) and discover how to __________ (result that your prospects want)’ They get it by clicking through to your landing page as created above. They sign up for it and they get taken to the ‘Thank You’ page and about 10% or more will buy or send their contact details for a call. (If less than this, tweak until it is working better)

7. You deliver!

Products (physical or digital): Send the item ASAP — Do a happy dance and set up another sales funnel for another product.

Wand to deliver value to your prospects click HERE to get a done for you value delivered package

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